At Redeemer 2016-17 is going to be a time to journey; a time of pilgrimage; an opportunity to discover the depth dimension of God in all of life. As a community during this season we want to mark time differently. Over the next twelve months we want to create space for us to experience the depth and richness of God in all of life. Here are some of the things that we will be doing as a community to help us on our journey. 

Sundays & CityGroups

Each Sunday at our gatherings we will be teaching into our year of Pilgramage beginning with a series in the book of Psalms and our series Fully Human. And we’ll be continuing to gather in our CityGroups around meals — eating together, celebrating Eucharist and having conversation around the themes raised on Sundays. We hope this will be a year of journeying together and living out the way of Christ in everyday community.  

The Table

Once a month on a Wednesday we gather for our nights of creative worship & prayer. We will be continuing these nights and shaping them around the christian calendar marking seasons and events like advent, lent and easter as well as observing the periods of time called ‘ordinary time’ giving thought to how we experience God in the ‘ordinary’ parts of life. Click the events below for more details.


Silent Day Retreats

The silent day retreat is a day walking with a group together in the Mourne Mountains in reflection as another way to deeply experience the divine in the spirtual practices of silence and pilgrimage and marked at the peak of the mountain with some worship & prayer practice.

Overnight Retreats

Overnight Retreats are an opportunity to join a group of 6-8 people and stay with our good friends the Benedictine Monks at the Holy Cross Monestary in Rostrevor. These retreats will be focused, guided, rich times exploring some of the themes and practices of listening, silence, liturgy, prayer and presence. (The cost will be £45 per person and spaces will be limited.)

All current dates for both day and overnight retreats are listed below:

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Note: We cannot guarantee a space for everyone on the overnight retreats as there are limited spaces.

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