Big Table Sunday Lunch - Info

Big Table Sunday is this weekend Sunday 8th October. We're really looking forward to it. Thank you for signing up to cook/bring food. We love the idea of it being like a big potluck with everyone bringing something!  


***If you have signed up to bring some food you will have received a personal email confirming the type of dish/food you have signed up for. If you haven't received an email then send us an email to let us know you are still bringing your dish ( 


  • We would ask that you arrive with food no later than 10:30am on Sunday morning to allow time to get organised before our gathering starts at 11am. 
  • The facilities in 101 are very limited. This means the Kitchen will not be available for anyone on Sunday morning to cook/reheat food. 
  • Food will need to be already cooked and brought in a slow cooker which we can then plug in to heat the food up. We have setup a serving area upstairs in the main space beside the stage and you can bring your food here on Sunday morning.
  • We would also ask that you also bring a serving spoon/utensil 
  • We would also ask that you label your stuff (utensils, slow cooker etc) with your name to allow for their safe return. 
  • There will not be access to the kitchen to wash these items afterwards. You can collect your items at the end of the lunch to take home.
  • All cold foods - bread, meats, cheese, cake etc you can bring and set out on the serving tables.
  • We aim to have a shorter time of worship from 11-12 and then from 12 will be lunch! 

Servers/Dish Washers: If you would also like to help on Sunday with serving food/washing dishes please let me know by email.

If you have questions please get in touch

Look forward to Sunday,

David Armstrong