Week of Prayer & Fasting 2017

At Redeemer Central we have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rhythms that shape our community life. Ever since redeemer began our yearly rhythm has been to set aside time once a year as a community to seek God by praying and fasting.

This year — from Monday 30th January until Friday 3rd February 2017 — we are inviting our whole community to pray and fast… looking back with thankfulness for all God has done and looking forward with faith for all God invites us into this year and beyond.

We invite you to participate for these 5 days through individual guided prayer, through our Prayer Space at 101 and through our Prayer gathering on Wednesday 1st February at The Table.

The PDF Guide continues all the information you need. Click the button below to download.

How to Participate

— Guided Prayers (each day)

Download this guide which contains a prayer focus for each day to guide our individual prayers with the knowledge our whole community are praying with the same focus that day.

— Practice Fasting (each/any day)

Why not consider fasting over the 5 days from something in your life you use or rely on daily like food, technology or media and each time you turn for that something instead mediate on your dependance on god and turn your affections to him through prayer and worship.

— Prayer space at 101 (Mon 30 & Tue 31 Jan, WED 1ST FEB 5:30-9:30pm)

We have curated a prayer space for you to come and use upstairs in 101 with 10+ creative and reflective prayer stations including ‘stations of the cross’. The aim of the space is to guide you individually through reflection, confession, contemplation, thanksgiving and intercession. Come on down after work or later on any or both of these nights to use the space.

— The Table Prayer Gathering (Wed 1st feb 7:30-9:30pm)

We are gathering together for one night of prayer at The Table. We’ll be using the prayer space, praying together corporately and sharing bread & wine together. We look forward to seeing you there. 

The PDF Guide continues all the information you need. Click the button below to download: