New Teaching Series: 'Elements'

On Sunday 24th September we are beginning a new 5-part teaching series called 'Elements {beta}' exploring what makes us Redeemer.

We're really excited about the series and have been working to distill and articulate some of the big ideas that give shape to our church community as we seek to live the way of Jesus. So — whether you are brand new to Redeemer or have been around for some time — this series is for you.

The Five Elements

Each week David Armstrong or Ryan Hawthorne will introduce one of the 5 'elements'. We will explore how each element not only shapes our beliefs and how we think but also how it informs our actual praxis and the spiritual practices that we give ourselves to... whether they be personal or communal practices. We can't wait to get going.

Sunday Dates

Big Table Sunday

On Sunday 8th October the topic is 'Table' — looking at the welcome, hospitality, belonging and connection that happens in community and around the table, the shape of the community of God's people as family, and the grace of the practice of Eucharist that sees us encounter the grace of Christ at the centre of all church life. As part of this Sunday we want to put into practice 'Table' by hosting a big church lunch that follows our normal worship and teaching gathering. Big Table Sunday will be a lunch that will involve everyone contributing, serving and bringing something... like a massive potluck. So cancel your lunch plans and sign up to bring something and play your part. It's going to be fun! 

{Beta}: Communal Participation & Discussion Nights

When planning the series we were reminded again about the importance of communal participation and inviting the whole church community into this conversation, allowing engagement, and shaping together. We realise that guiding cultural values are always being shaped and given new expression. We also see theology itself as a conversation to be engaged in and wrestled with by followers of Jesus — letting the ancient scriptures guide us and prayer and practices shape, form and unite us together — both in our commonality and in our diversity as we reflect the 'Imago Dei' (image of God). As we do this we get a picture of of a beautiful new humanity that seeks to live and walk together held together by Christ at the core. This was why we gave the teaching series name the addition of the word {beta} — to capture the communal participation we hope to encourage throughout this series.

Discussion & Prayer Nights at 101: 

On 4 Wednesday evenings we are hosting discussion nights related to the teaching on the previous Sunday. These evenings are for everyone and take place at 101. They will be led and facilaited by a leader and involve round table discussions, ideas brainstorming, sharing and listening. During the discussion nights will also be opportunity for us to engage in prayer. These prayer times will be guided by a leader and related both to what we are discussing on the night. 

Discussion Nights take place at 101 Donegall Street beginning at 7:30pm

Living the way of Jesus and working for the grace and peace of our City

We love Redeemer and the culture of our community which is why we are really excited about this new series. Our hope is that it puts fresh words around the things that make us who we are, that it encourages and inspires us and that it provides space for us to walk together, to engage in teaching, to practice listening and discernment, to bring our prayers to God and be ready to receive all he has for us as we seek to live the way of Jesus and work for grace and peace in our Belfast and in our world. We hope you join with us.