A Culture of Formation & Learning 

The spiritual life is one of growth, change and discipleship in the way of Jesus. We should never stop seeking God, never stop trying to know him better and never stop learning. At Redeemer Central we have a posture of openness and a desire to learn and we want to encourage that even more by curating a selection of books from a wide variety of theologians, writers and thinkers that we would encourage you to read and engage with.

We are stocking a small amount of books to begin but we will be adding to this as time goes by. We hope this serves our community well to guide our learning and make some of these shaping texts more accessible to everyone. Please do consider picking one up! 


There are two ways to buy these books

  • Book Table: Each Sunday at the back of our gathering space at 101 you will see our Book Table on display with these books available to buy*.

  • Online: You are also able to purchase these books yourself online on this page below. 

*We accept payment by card (Visa, Mastercard, Contactless, Apple Pay etc). Payment by cash is not available.