Easter at Redeemer


At Easter we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The story of Jesus is the divine announcement that everything about our world that is broken and flawed is only temporary. A new world has arrived. The love of God wins. His Kingdom is one of peace and flourishing. Jesus is a King like no other, leading through love and sacrifice. And we are invited into this story, to follow this King, to trust and experience the reality of this new world ourselves.

We invite you to celebrate Easter at our planned gatherings and experiences. Click to find out more:


Prayer Room

During Holy Week we are opening our Prayer Room at 101, making it available for individuals, couples, or small groups to book time to pray. This is a space to spend time in God’s presence, to offer prayers for our community, our city and our nation, to pray that we see “His Kingdom come on Earth”. Click the link below to book in:

Easter Illustrations including ‘Stations in the Street’ show created by Scott Erickson and used with permission.