We are really passionate about CityGroups — they are the heartbeat of Redeemer — and we believe that life is to be lived and shared in community as family. We would like to emphasis the importance of our CityGroups and the practice of gathering together in community so we are beginning something new this year called CityGroup Sundays.

CityGroup Sundays will take place on 4 Sundays a year and instead of gathering at 101 on those Sundays each CityGroup will gather on that Sunday. CityGroups will organise their own activity whether it's Brunch, BBQ, a leisurely walk or a mountain adventure. CityGroup Sundays will also give new people or those unconnected to a CityGroup an opportunity to try one.

The first CityGroup Sunday of 2017 is Sunday 29th January 2017. Look out for plans from your CityGroup Leaders.

If you are not yet connected to a CityGroup and you would like to try one click the link below and complete the form and we'll be in touch.

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