Sunday 30th April 2017 is CityGroup Sunday. 

CityGroup Sundays take place on 4 Sundays in the year when — instead of gathering together at 101 Donegal Street on those Sundays*  — we gather locally in our CityGroups giving more time and opportunity for sharing life together. Each CityGroup is different, made up with children and adults at different ages and stages of life, so their plans for CityGroup Sundays vary— getting together for food like breakfast/brunch or hosting a BBQ, going on leisurely walks or some even heading for mountain adventures — but all with the same purpose of practicing community as family and spending time together. 

*** Note: There will be no gathering at 101 Donegal Street on this Sunday***

If you belong to one of our CityGroups your leaders will be in touch with plans for your CityGroup Sunday

Not part of any CityGroup?

You are welcome to join one of our groups at Crawfordsburn Country Park, Helen's Bay, Bangor for a walk followed by coffee/light lunch at Iain & Malini Colville's house afterwards. Meeting at the 11AM at the carpark (past the toilets) closest to the beach at Crawfordsburn Country Park. If the weather is rainy then there will be plans made to head back to the Colville's. This has been planned for all ages and stage - individuals, couples, parents and children all welcome! And if you are new to Redeemer you are so welcome to join with us!