Stations in the Street: Art Show

During Holy Week an art show entitled ‘Stations in the Street’ will be displayed on the exterior of our building at 101 Donegall Street. The show uses illustrations of the Stations of the Cross that help guide and provoke reflection on Jesus journey to the cross.

Below you can read about the inspiration and meaning of this artwork by the artist Scott Erickson:

The Stations of the Cross began as a practice that pilgrims would have when they were retracing Jesus’ finals steps in Jerusalem up to the hill where he was crucified. Wanting to share that practice and experience with people who couldn’t make the trip to Jerusalem, they created these stations of meditation that became in itself a tradition. You can find this tradition on the inside of many churches today.

This journey to the cross is not only a meditation of Jesus accomplishing what he came to do the redemption of humanity through his own willful sacrifice - but it’s also a contemplation of Jesus silently participating in some of the worst aspects of being human. We see him being tempted. Being betrayed by a friend. Being convicted in an unjust system. Physical pain. Mockery. Public humiliation. Broken family relationships. And one of our greatest fears... having to die. These are all aspects of human life that he was not insulated from. In fact on the cross he quotes King David saying “My God My God, Why have you forsaken me?”... as if to say "Why is it like this?” Fie was one who was not separate from our own pain.

I don't think our deepest question is “Is there a God?” I think our deepest question is “Is there a God that’s with us in all this?”

These stations are a cross-section of elements, ideas, and objects from Jesus journey of being with us. As you work through these stations, may you see the that we are not troubled guests in this world... that we are not forgotten... and that the good news of this season was expressed best by Jesus when he said “In this world you'll experience many trials. But take heart.... I have overcome the world.”

Easter Illustrations including ‘Stations in the Street’ show created by Scott Erickson and used with permission.