CityGroup Leaders,

On Sunday 25th September we began a new teaching series that will last until the end of the year called 'Fully Human: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality'.  

We would love you to lead your CityGroups in discussions based on the sermons and the series. To help you we will provide a discussion guide for each preach and add it to the section below for you to download. We are looking forward to seeing our community engage with the series and begin to invite change and transfomation as we shape our lives around Christ.  


What makes us spiritual? What makes us human? Is it our personalities, our past, our relationships, our upbringing, our circumstances or our emotions. What if these things were not seperate but connected integral to true spirituality. What if the way forward in our relationship with Christ was not to keep looking 'out there' for some answer but to slow down and examine beneath the surface of our lives. 'Fully Human' will explore the relationship between our outer and inner world, the integration of emotional health and spirituality, the power of living in brokenness and vulnerability, embracing our story fully, owning our limits and practicing rhythms of prayer, sabbath and rest for a more holistic, deep and transformative relationship with Christ and ultimately with one another.  


  • Sunday 25th September | Part 1: Introduction - David Armstrong |  DISCUSSION GUIDE PDF
  • Sunday 2nd October  | Part 2: Know yourself that you may know God - Ryan Hawthorne
  • Sunday 9th October  | Part 3: Going back in order to go forward - David Wylie | DISCUSSION GUIDE PDF
  • Sunday 30th October | Part 4: Welcome to the Journey - Stephanie Wilson | DISCUSSION GUIDE PDF
  • Sunday 6th November | Part 5: Receive the Gift of Limits - David Armstrong | DISCUSSION GUIDE PDF
  • Sunday 20th November | Part 6: Slowing Down: Rhythms of Prayer & Sabbath - Gillian Stewart DISCUSSION GUIDE PDF
  • Sunday 27th November | Part 7: Searching for Dawn: Embracing Grief and Loss - Stephanie Wilson | DISCUSSION GUIDE PDF
  • Sunday 11th December | Part 8: Make Incarnation Your Model for Living Well - David Armstrong


You can listen to the podcasts of the talks by clicking here 


The series is based on a great book that we highly recommend called 'Emotionally Healthy Spirituality' written by Peter Scazzero. We would love to encourage you and the whole church to buy the book and read it. It will be a great resource and a worthwhile investment for you all to spend time with this book over the next few months.  

We also recommend the  accompanying prayer book called 'Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: Day by Day' which is a 40-day guided journey in prayer and the daily office helping us to cultivate a richer, slowed down spirituality.

You can buy the books by clicking the link below.