Welcome to the new leaders blog

Over summer I have been giving thought to how we might better invest in you all as wider leaders so we’re looking to improve the flow of communication and the exchange of stories, resources and ideas so that we might learn and grow together.

Our Senior Leadership Team are constantly talking, discussing ideas, sharing links and resources with one another and we wanted a way to be able to share with you all. So welcome to The Leader’s Blog.

Our hope is this blog provides a place we can easily share our thoughts with you as well as links to helpful articles, videos and podcasts that we are enjoying or benefiting from.

The blog is private, hosted on the back-end of our website and accessible with the password ‘leaders101’. We will continue to use the Wider Leaders WhatsApp group to share blog articles but if you wish to bookmark it the address for the blog is https://www.redeemercentral.com/leadersblog.

‘Wider Leaders’ is the catch-all term we use for anyone who leads within Redeemer. This includes senior leaders, worship leaders, table leaders, ministry leaders (Kids, Tots, Youth, Prayer Ministry, Welcome, Pastoral Care etc). It’s important to know that Wider Leaders does not include our many brilliant volunteers that serve on all our teams but instead specifically refers to the people who lead those teams/groups. From time to time we may invite into this group ‘emerging leaders’ — people who may not be actively leading anything at the time but who have expressed a desire to be developed in leadership.

We are incredibly blessed to have so many gifted and able leaders in Redeemer and — although Redeemer is led overall by our Senior Leadership Team — it is our desire to share this leadership opportunity with you all more and more. We pray that together we can foster a Kingdom community that truly loves one another and lives the way of Jesus faithfully and prophetically.

Look forward to seeing how this all develops.

Grace & Peace,