Learning Day with Jason Miller

  • When: Saturday 18th May, 9:30am-3pm (approx)

  • Where: 101 Donegall St, Belfast

  • Who is this for: Learnings Day are designed for everyone who leads in Redeemer — worship leaders, ministry leaders, table leaders, developing leaders, senior leaders. However, we’re opening this event to the whole Redeemer community.

  • What to bring? Just yourself (and a bible, notebook and pen). Lunch provided.

A note from David Armstrong:

“To our Wider Leaders,

I want to highlight our Learning Day with special guest Jason Miller… it is fast approaching (Sat 18th May, 9:30am-3pm) and sign-ups are going very slowly at present. It would be a great help to our planning if you could jump online and RSVP to let us know you are coming. (You can do that at http://redeemercentral.com/learningday)

What are Learning Days?

As Team Leader my hope and expectation for learning days is to create space a few times a year when every leader in Redeemer gets together to worship, pray and learn together. This strikes me as essential is the life of a church community — time that is designed to help genuinely equip one another for the tasks and roles we hold in our community. So, let me encourage you to make the effort to be present next Saturday. At the last learning day we had a really good time together exploring the practice of silence in prayer and I expect our time next Saturday to be really beneficial. This will be the last learning day of our ‘church year’ before ‘ordinary time’ (church calendar) A.K.A the summer season.

Who is Jason Miller?

jason miller.jpg

Jason is a friend of ours at Redeemer who leads a new church in a city called South Bend, Indiana, USA. The church he leads — ‘South Bend City Church’ — has grown to around 1100 people in 2 years and Jason is helping his community wrestle with the tensions of ancient faith in a modern world. Jason is a pastor, an artist, and a gifted teacher and you can find out more at his website http://jasonadammiller.com.

Since Jason and I met we have struck up a friendship with Jason helping me a lot personally in the past few years as I have stepped into a lead pastor role here in Redeemer. I spent time at his church in Sept 2017 and he spent time with us last May 2018 where he was struck by how we practice community and openness to the Spirit. He loves Redeemer and is excited to be coming back to Belfast to learn from us and is looking forward to meeting more of you all.

Find out more about South Bend City Church and Jason Miller by watching this short video that captures the heart of their new community.

What will Jason be teaching?

The plan is that he will be teaching on discipleship and ‘The Spirituality of the Field’… “fields not factories”… juxtaposing todays dominant cultural ways of living with the deep rabbinical teachings of Jesus and his kingdom which are all rooted in organic, agricultural and farming metaphor. I’m sure it will touch upon busyness, sabbath, productivity, fast v slow, seasons v 24/7, leadership pressures, presence v agendas.

There will be time to discussion and Q&A and lunch will be provided! You don’t want to miss. We are I’m excited to see what God might do. Look forward to seeing you there.

Grace & Peace,




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