Tables Intro



Tables Intro


All of us have a unique story. We need one another. There is room at the table for everyone.


Tables gather regularly around a meal to form community, share life and practice the way of Jesus together.

These small expressions of Redeemer Central gather in homes and public spaces across Belfast and the surrounding towns and villages. Each group is different but they all share a desire to make space at the table for everyone. No matter what age/stage of life you are in, our hope is that everyone in our community belongs to a Table.


We have groups with different locations and interests. Click here to find one that works for you and join.

Every table is an altar.

the primary focal practice of the human race is a meal
— Albert Borgmann (Philosopher)

For thousands of years Jewish rabbis have taught that each table is an altar, a holy space that is simultaneously deeply sacred and yet incredibly wide open, a place where everyone is welcome.

When we look at the life of Jesus we see him frequently gathering around tables to share a meal with anyone he encountered. We also see him model to us the practice of table and radical inclusion, breaking bread with those who were so often excluded from the many exclusive tables set in the homes of the rich, powerful and privileged.

As people who follow Jesus we want to follow his example and open up our tables to one another and whoever would like to join us with the simple aim to provide a safe place for belonging, for community, for meaningful relationships and the sharing of normal life together. We do this knowing that each time we come together we experience encounter and are changed, never quite the same as when we arrived.

Tables are simple, seasonal and inclusive.

Tables are designed to be sustainable and life-giving for everyone no matter what age or stage of life you are in. Although each Table group meets in different places and times, they all share a regular rhythm, gathering at least twice-a-month and in two seasons-per-year. Season #1 begins in October and runs through January. We take a break in February and practice some rest before returning for Season #2 from March to June.

Tables in 2019/2020

  • Sign up for Tables: September 2019

  • Season #1: October - January 2020

  • Practice Rest & Sign up for Tables: February 2020

  • Season #2: March -June 2020

  • Summer Rhythm/Rest

Collective Study | Season #1

Throughout Season 1 from Oct 2019 - Jan 2020 we will be discussing the preach from the previous Sunday as we focus on 'Ruth: Borders & Belongings'. So to keep you informed and to be able to contribute to the conversations check out our podcast by clicking on the link below.